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The following are the most commonly asked questions. Should you not find the answers to your questions, please visit the information request page.
Q. Can the sun damage the PVC ?
A. Additives are added to the PVC as protection from UV rays and to insure the stability of the colour.

Q. Can the PVC be covered with stucco?
A. Yes, an acrylic based stucco can be directly applied onto the PVC surface. The acrylic compound allows for a better bond to the smooth PVC surface. To reduce costs for covering, a thin coat of acrylic stucco can be applied as a base to the PVC, followed by conventional stucco.

Q. Can the PVC be painted ?
A. Yes, with an acrylic based paint. Many manufacturers offer this type of paint.

Q. Can the PVC have chemical reaction with the cement ?
A. No, PVC is very resistant to chemical products in general. The concrete does not affect the PVC.

Q. What is the PVC's fire-resistance ?
A. The PVC used by the Digigraph System meets the Canadian standards. You can consult the CRIQ's report in the technical documents section.

Q. How can the PVC be repaired ?
A. Small repairs can be made with a repair putty. For bigger repairs, replacing the surface sections is possible.

Q. Are different colours or textures available for the PVC?
A. The Digigraph System is manufactured in two basic colours, i.e. white and beige for smooth surfaces.

Q. Can a conventional roof be built on a Digigraph System ?
A. Yes, lightweight or conventional roofing can be installed on the concrete walls of the Digigraph System. However, we recommend that a PVC / concrete roof be used in areas of high risk for hurricanes, typhoons, tornadoes, as well as high seismic risk areas.

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