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The Digigraph System distinguishes itself by the quality of its components and by its multiple uses in many market segments. Here are a few examples that demonstrate the multiple uses of the PVC formwork.
maison économique maison économique
Low cost housing makes up the most promising of markets. The world market for this type of housing is enormous. Whether in Latin America, Africa or in certain Asian countries , there is urgent demand for mass housing.

The Digigraph System presents a first choice solution in this market segment. There are many advantages :
  • Durability of the housing unit. Top quality materials and reinforced concrete insure the permanence of the construction.
  • Low cost of construction.
  • Use of local manpower.
  • Use of local materials.
  • Quick assembly.
maison isolée Insulated housing

Combined with sprayed or panel insulation, the Digigraph System combines comfort and solidity. The insulated housing market is not limited to northern countries but also extends to warmer countries where air conditioners also make good use of the insulation.

The insulated Digigraph house is an interesting choice in areas where traditional materials, like wood, are costly or rare. Houses built with the Digigraph System are non-combustible and have great durability. A PVC / concrete house constructed with the Digigraph System resists violent winds and earthquakes.
resort housing villégiature

Resort housing built with the Digigraph System guarantees its owner a profitable investment. The system's flexibility allows to create living spaces favourable to holidays. The Digigraph System offers the possibility of integrating large terraces and interior courtyards where wood elements can be added to give the look and feel of the country or the seaside.

Added value to the qualities of the housing system, is its ease of maintenance. The materials used cannot rot or decompose with time. The resort houses will remain appealing even if only used a few weeks per year.

A house built with concrete will retain its coolness during warm weather and thus insure a comfortable stay for its occupants.
camp de chasseHunting camp

In replacing the concrete with sprayed polyurethane insulation, the Digigraph System is particularly suitable for market segments where constructions need to be inexpensive and lightweight. Hunting and fishing camps are truly appropriate for the Digigraph System and offer many advantages :
  • The PVC and sprayed polyurethane panels can be prefabricated to minimize the installation time and ease transportation;
  • The wall and roof components are lightweight and easily transported by aeroplane or truck;
  • Installation time is greatly reduced since no specialized manpower is needed;
  • With little or no maintenance, this type of housing will not damage or deteriorate due to bad weather.
Anticyclonic and antiseismic shelter

The walls and roof being composed of reinforced concrete, the Digigraph System is particularly suitable for anticyclonic or antiseismic shelters. Reinforced concrete constructions are one of the most inexpensive and solid to resist the violent winds of a hurricane, cyclone or tornado. Well anchored to the ground, the shelter built with the Digigraph System is made of reinforced concrete walls on which also rests a concrete roof. This gives it the weight and force to resist violent winds of all types.

Contrary to constructions made of concrete blocs, reinforced concrete is not as fragile to shearing and earthquakes. The PVC envelope greatly improves the occupants' protection during seismic shocks.

Structural calculations done by the Centre de recherche industrielle du Québec (CRIQ) demonstrate that a Digigraph System construction can resist winds of up to 250 km/h and seismic shocks of 7 on the Richter scale.
bâtiments publicsPublic buildings

The Digigraph System allows for the construction of private or public buildings of one or two-storey with variable surface area, while reducing costs related to manpower, time of construction and interior finishing.

With the specially designed scaffoldings done by the Digigraph experts, the installation of formworks is quick and simple and does not require specialized manpower. Under a local general contractor, the building can be rapidly assembled and occupation can take place shortly after the walls and roof have been poured since the formworks stay in place. The formworks serve as facing, thus no need to add expensive finishes that are time consuming to install.

The electrical plumbing elements are integrated in the walls before the concrete pour is done. The Digigraph System was designed to ease the installation of these elements.
Apartment buildings

Because of certain shared elements in the skeleton of the building, the apartment building market is as interesting as the low cost housing since the unit cost is reduced while maintaining the quality. The PVC covered concrete partitions are easily maintained as well as durable. They provide the occupants with clean and soundproof apartments.

The construction of apartment buildings of two or three-storeys is an interesting solution where housing needs are high. The quick construction and inexpensive cost are important factors to consider for this type of housing.
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