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Digigraph Systems Inc
Digigraph Systems Inc. is a Canadian company that designs, develops and markets prefabricated construction systems.

In collaboration with Soniplastics, Digigraph has developed a prefabricated construction system using PVC and concrete components.

Both Digigraph and Soniplastics are located in the outskirts of Montreal and have 150 employees that can rely on state-of-the-art machinery.
For personal and professional reasons, Bernard McNamara has long been interested in the idea of affordable housing. After a series of business trips to Latin America, Mr. McNamara, an architect by profession, envisioned a concept that would be inexpensive to manufacture and easy to build. Along with solid allies, he founded Digigraph Systems in 1995. . Bernard McNamara
M. Bernard McNamara, président
Strategic alliance
To offer its customers high-quality housing, Digigraph Systems has forged a strategic alliance with Soniplastics, one of the largest manufacturers of PVC components in Quebec. For close to 15 years, its products have been sold in Canada and exported to the United States and overseas.
To ensure a better cohesion between design, manufacturing and marketing, the Digigraph System offices are located within the Soniplastics premises. Its president, Mr. André Teasdale closely collaborates in the development of the Digigraph Systems product.

The Centre de Recherche industrielle du Québec (CRIQ) and the National Research Council of Canada (NRCC) have also actively participated in the product development.
75 De Vaudreuil, Boucherville (Quebec)
Canada J4B 1K7

Tél.: +1 (450) 449-6400
Fax.: +1 (450) 449-4679
Digigraph Systems oversees the technical development of its products under the guidance of its president, Bernard McNamara, who has extensive experience in construction.

Mr. Louis Ducharme, actuary and financial manager, is in charge of market development. His prior professional experience includes management positions with major Canadian corporations.
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